Ms Jackson if you silly

Born and raised between New York, New Jersey, and Florida on Mad Hatter’s Day the year Princess Bride came out. I am a renaissance- reenacting, caricature drawing, Pathfinder playing (and now DMing), video-game nut. A true miracle and wonder of the cosmos!

My life seems to take me to new and interesting places, where I meet even more interesting people and have experiences that can sometimes border on the psychotic if I’m not too careful. I have survived horror and triumphed through adversity. I have risen to great heights and fallen through the bottom and out the other side only to come up someplace even stranger than before.

This blog is my opportunity to give YOU, dear readers, a look into a life that still puzzles many, including my darling husband.

Me and the Darling Husband


Sometimes you may not like what you see or read. Sometimes you may even be confused and scratch your head in confusion. Just know though that this is a wonderful story to tell with many twists and turns. It is a story that is still being told with many more chapters to come.

It is my story. My life. I hope you enjoy it because I certainly do.

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