A Five Legged Pony In A Crowded Room

I started this blog on a whim. I’ve seen people over the years write blogs about themselves and their lives and today I thought ‘I can do that! I have an interesting life, why not share it with the world?’

And then it came time to write this….my first blog post. What do I write about? How do I introduce myself to millions of people I have never seen or met? What if they don’t like me? What if I’m actually a lot more boring than I think I am? What if I say the wrong thing and start an internet war? What if I start getting trolled by those crazy people?

What if…?

What if…?

What if…?

Then I stopped myself.

None of that matters, I though to myself.  This is about me. I created this blog because I want some part of me to exist beyond my life when the fat lady sings my final song and the curtain calls. I want to share my story with the world. Make people laugh, make people cry, make people see the world in a whole new way. I have an interesting story to tell and despite whatever criticism may come from sharing that story, it is my right to do so.

So here I am world! All my imperfections and quirks. All my happiness, sadness, anger, stupid jokes, funny quotes, and anecdotes.

I hope you’re ready for me.


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