My First Valentine Gift

In response to The Daily Post’s challenge about Valentine’s Day I decided to share the very first gift I ever got from someone on Valentine’s Day. Its a short, sweet, and funny story.

It was a gift from my husband, about a year before we were married. We were walking around Books a Million just browsing and seeing what was new. I wanted to head out and he said to give him a few minutes, he wanted to look at a few more books.

So I said OK, went back to the car, got out a book, and waited for him. When he came out he had a bag in his hand and I thought Oh he must’ve found something after all. He got in the car and grinned at me the entire time. I thought that was odd and asked him what he was so happy about.

He handed me the bag and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” I looked inside the bag and I smiled but puzzled because it wasn’t your normal Valentine’s Day gift. I took out the book, and flipped through the pages then looked at the cover- it read ‘The Zombie Survival Guide’.  I looked at him and asked him what prompted him to buy me this?

Then he said the most sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. He said, “Well I know you had your eye on that book for a while. Plus, I want to make sure you survived the zombie apocalypse because I couldn’t without you.”

And that my friends is how I knew I found my soulmate :-D.

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