Quiet, Still, and Constant

In real life I work at a school. Not in the capacity of a teacher, but administrative work.  I still interact daily with students and one student out of all of them surprised me with this essay she wrote for her college entrance essay. She told me how I gave her a piece of advice one day that just resonated with her and so she wrote about it for college entrance essay. I wanted to share it with you because I thought it was absolutely wonderful.

Here it is:

Since attending (school name withheld for privacy reasons) , I have learned many valuable lessons, in regards to both academics and life. I have learned how to put my best foot forward after pulling an all-nighter to finish a physics lab report. I have learned how to effectively resolve conflict, which is not all that uncommon on a hall with thirty some other girls. I have learned that no good can come from holding the GoLink! Gas Pressure Sensor down tightly on a flask containing beef liver and H2O2. Thinking of the lessons I have learned and still have yet to learn, one in particular stands out. After a long day, my advisor offered me this tidbit of insight: No matter how hectic your day may become, take comfort in knowing there is always some place where everything is quiet, still, and constant.

 I remember watching my older brother play on our small town’s community baseball team quite some time ago. I remember watching as dozens of ten-year-old boys would swing, miss, and then throw a tantrum. The coach’s advice to, “Take a walk,” seemed harsh then, but now I realize that there is some logic to that saying. After a stressful day of running to and from classes and fretting over countless assignments, the most effective method of stress relief is to indeed, take a walk.

With the first few steps you take as you leave the door, a rush of freedom swells through your body as you, literally and metaphorically, step away from the stressors of your busy life. The warmth from the rays of the sun lightens your soul. The kiss of the cool breeze sends chills of refreshment down your arms. You are met with the excited waves of leaves, like those of old friends finally reunited after years of separation. The ground beneath your feet holds steady as if to say it will never let you down, and the grass and flowers reassure you that even if you fall, you will be caught. The trees lean towards you as they eagerly wait to hear how your life has been going. You take a deep breath and sigh as you finally release all the tensions you have been holding in for days. Unlike your other friends back inside, nature has no snide comment to make nor does it try to undermine your problems. Instead, the clouds begin to weep for you. Nature will always be there for you, always ready to listen to and hold you.

 I have never felt more content than when I am outside on a walk. In nature, I am able to reach a state of serenity unobtainable anywhere else. Even when faced with the most troublesome of days, I am able to take comfort in knowing that there is always some place where everything is quiet, still, and constant.

Thanks for the read!



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